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Short Path Distiller

Short Path Distiller

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10L Short Path Distillation System

Short range distillation, also known as fractionation, is a special liquid-liquid separation equipment. It is different from traditional distillation which depends on the principle of boiling point difference separation, but on the difference of the average free path of the movement of different substances.

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Short-range distillation: Short-range distillation is a "bottle-neck-bottle" type of distillation commonly used in laboratories. Laboratory vacuum distillation this is a distillation technique, and laboratory glass distillation is usually performed under reduced pressure. A typical example is distillation, which involves distillate from one glass sphere to another without the need for a condenser that separates the two chambers. The technique is typically used to stabilize compounds at high temperatures or to purify small numbers of compounds. The advantage of vacuum distillation is that the heating temperature (at reduced pressure) can be well below the boiling point of the liquid at standard pressure, and the distillate only has to travel a short distance before condensing. The shorter path ensures minimal loss of compounds on the side of the equipment and is suitable for materials that do not decompose or deteriorate easily at high temperatures.

Composition of short range distillation

-- Water chiller: steam can be recondensed at a temperature at least 20 degrees lower than the boiling temperature. For example, a compound that boils at 400°F can be recondensed at 380°F. The 380F temperatures are "colder" than the 400F temperatures of the boiling compounds, but that is not really very cold. The heating sleeve has a temperature range of approximately 100°C to 250°C (212°F to 482°F) when performing short-range distillation. This means that the condensation portion of the short distillation will be set between 40°C and 60°C. We prefer 50C (122F) as the starting point. This means we don't necessarily need a cooler. All we need is a device that can maintain the required 50C temperature during the process. Our conventional configuration is -20~ room temperature cryogenic pump.

- Vacuum pump: One rotary vane vacuum pump is configured because negative pressure is required during distillation.


Because of the characteristics of short-range molecular distillation, the distillation temperature is lower than the boiling point of the material, the distillation pressure is low, the heating time is short, and the separation degree is high, the technical difficulty of the separation of high boiling point materials and heat sensitive materials can be greatly reduced, and the characteristics and quality of heat sensitive materials are well protected.

Our total solution comes with all the required temperature control equipment and vacuum system, which can be used directly


    Part Description


    Round Bottom Flask,   10L, 3-neck


    Short Path   Distillation Head,Vacuum Jacket


    Distillation Cow   Receiver,1-to-3,24/40


    24/40 round bottom   flask 1000ml


    Heating mantle   (room temperature - 300 degrees)


    Keck Clamp,   stainless steel


    Keck Clamp, plastic


    Stainless Steel   elevator-platform


    Cork Ring Stand for   Flask


    Clamp Holder


    Lab support Stand


    Cold Trap


    1L cold trap   collection bottle


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