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Chromatographic Column Separation Method

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Chromatographic column separation method: this method uses the separation principle of ordinary liquid chromatography, based on the large-diameter liquid chromatography column and the liquid delivery system with large flow flux, and optimizes the stability, distribution and proportion of eluting solvent to achieve high separation efficiency and separation effect of the target product. Using this method to separate CBD crude products, all monomers in cannabinoids can be extracted according to requirements, such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, etc. The purity of the separated CBD product can be as high as 97%.

At present, in engineering application, the method of molecular distillation + chromatographic column separation is mostly used to separate and purify CBD crude products. It can be continuously fed and discharged, eluted at the same degree, and purified by multi column rolling circulation. It can solve the products with great difficulty in separation. The concentration of the product obtained is similar to that of the sample, greatly reducing the concentration of the solvent.

The process of CBD extraction and purification can be flexibly selected and adjusted according to the characteristics of end products, the content of effective ingredients of raw materials, and the intensity of investment by the construction party, so as to produce CBD raw materials with different demands. With the continuous upgrading of technology, it is believed that more advanced technologies will be added to the CBD industry to help the development of the CBD industry.

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