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The Broad Oil is Usually Extracted from Cannabis

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The broad oil is usually extracted from cannabis plants with ethanol as solvent. This process is complex, with many operation steps, and a large amount of ethanol is used, which has potential safety hazards of flammability and explosion.


1. Molecular distillation

Molecular distillation can effectively remove the solvent in the extract, and play the role of decolorization, removing chemical residues and harmful metal components. The purity of CBD crude products passing through the molecular distillation device can be increased to more than 70%.

2. Resin adsorption

(1) Column chromatography is characterized by a large number of columns used for chromatography and a long loading time. If you want to obtain high-purity CBD, you need to repeatedly load the samples. Sometimes the purity still fails to meet the requirements, and recrystallization is required.

(2) Ion exchange method: macroporous resin is used for enrichment and purification, which requires repeated crystallization and concentration. The loss of each crystallization is about 5%, which is very serious for products with high added value.

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