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Crude Extraction - Common Industrial Hemp CBD

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Crude extraction - common industrial hemp CBD extraction technologies include carbon dioxide extraction and solvent extraction:

1. Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction

(1) The temperature of carbon dioxide is reduced to below - 56.1 ℃ by the compression device and the pressure is increased to above 0.52 MPa. At this time, carbon dioxide gas is converted into liquid. Increase the temperature and pressure until the liquid becomes "supercritical".

(2) Put high-quality hemp into the extractor, and supercritical carbon dioxide will dissolve in the extractor and collect the plant extracts. Send the liquid carbon dioxide into the low-pressure separator, and the hemp extract will be automatically separated from the carbon dioxide.

(3) After the carbon dioxide reaches the supercritical state through the compression device, it will continue to return to the extraction tank for hemp extraction until the extraction is completed. The carbon dioxide will return to the storage tank, and the crude CBD will flow out from the separator and be collected in the storage tank.

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