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Natural Cannabinoid (CBD) and its Extraction and Purification process

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Cannabinoid (CBD) is a natural component extracted from the cannabis plant and is one of more than 100 "cannabinoids".

Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another kind of hallucinogenic addictive substance in cannabis, CBD has a series of bioactive functions such as blocking the metastasis of breast cancer, treating epilepsy, anti rheumatoid arthritis and anti insomnia. Therefore, CBD is used as raw material for the production of drugs, health products and cosmetics.

At present, research institutions and production enterprises at home and abroad are accelerating the industrialization process of CBD. The goal is to remove thc residues as much as possible and avoid the use of toxic organic solvents as much as possible when improving the extraction rate and purity of CBD, so as to ensure the safety and environmental protection of products and reduce the cost as much as possible.

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