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Stainless Steel Molecular Distiller

Stainless Steel Molecular Distiller

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Molecular distillation apparatus is a special liquid-liquid separation technology. Under high vacuum condition, the average free path of vapor molecules is larger than the distance between the evaporation surface and the condensation surface, so that the difference of the evaporation rate of each component in the feed liquid can be used to separate the liquid mixture.

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1. Low distillation temperature

2. High vacuum of distillation

3. Thin film of distillation liquid, high heat transfer efficiency.

4. The heating time of materials is short

5. Higher degree of separation

6. There is no boiling bubbling phenomenon. Molecular distillation is free evaporation on the surface of the liquid layer.

7. Non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free, no residue, can get pure and safe products, and the operation process is simple, less equipment. Molecular distillation can separate substances that are difficult to separate by conventional distillation.

8.Our total solution comes with all the required temperature control equipment and vacuum system, which can be used directly

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