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Shanghai Qiyu industry was founded in 2012, and the factory is located in Jiading District, Shanghai. Focus on the production and sales of laboratory and industrial production equipment such as glass reactor, rotary evaporator, molecular distillation, thin film evaporator, liquid separator, vacuum suction filter, vacuum pump, temperature control system, tail gas absorption device, and provide customized services.

The company has strong technical strength, perfect quality control system and complete certification qualifications. It has obtained ISO9001 quality management certification, CE product certification and a number of utility model certificates. At present, Qiyu has established a complete sales network and after-sales service centers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region, aiming to provide customers with high-quality products and avoid worries. In the future, Qiyu will adhere to the business philosophy of "honesty, trustworthiness and excellence", give play to its technical and quality advantages, constantly improve customer satisfaction, and develop into an industry symbol brand.

Company history


Establish a brand operation center to provide safe, stable and durable reaction equipment and overall solutions for more laboratories and industrial production


Obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification and CE product certification


Successful development of stainless steel molecular distillation equipment
Automatic peptide synthesis equipment was successfully developed and officially put into production
Officially entered the international market and opened Alibaba international station and Google independent platform


The new rotary evaporators are mass produced, and are fully upgraded compared with the old models, and equipped with electric lifting function
Successful development of glass molecular distillation equipment, which can be used for purification of CBD and other plant essential oils


The seal mixing device independently developed and designed has obtained the national utility model patent certificate.
This technology is applicable to the sealing and stirring system of glass reactor and other equipment, which can effectively prevent the generation of debris in the reaction process and improve the purity of materials.


The large-scale PLC automatic reaction instrument has been successfully developed for the purification of precious metals.


The self-developed solid-phase synthesis reactor was formally mass produced


Focus on the production and sales of laboratory and pharmaceutical chemical reaction equipment

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